People’s Climate March on Twitter. 

The largest climate march in history. 


I finally caved and recognized that if I want to be involved in and adequately informed of the issues we face, I need better social media connection.

So. I am pineapple_split over on Twitter if you’re interested in hearing me rant about current events.

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joseph fink is not even in the vicinity of fucking around on twitter today

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Introducing the Interactive Writers’ Project!



Come one, come all, to this brand new, commitment-free writing group!  Started by me: your friendly neighborhood writer/commitment-phobe!

The set-up is simple, the rules are straightforward, and the goal is downright noble: to help writers stay engaged with their writing through collaboration and community.

The basic premise is that every two weeks, an assignment (not a prompt) will be posted to the blog.  You have two weeks to respond to the assignment and submit your work (to an email address coming soon).  Once you’ve done so, your work will be sent to another writer for feedback, and you in turn will offer feedback on another piece.

You only need to give feedback when you yourself submit work, and you never need to feel obligated to respond to an assignment unless you’re moved to do so!

There are other ways to participate as well, including by adding onto our “scrapbook” posts, and by submitting book reviews, which will get your next piece read by not one, but two fellow writers!

All you have to do is follow this blog and start submitting your work once the first assignment goes up!

Assignments begin on October 1st.  Spread the word if you think you might have friends and followers who could be interested — the more writers are involved, the more feedback will be available!

This is the project I ended up coming up with!  If you think you might be interested in responding to the assignments from time to time, please follow the blog!

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nice how they gave the murderer a chance to clear out his social media history to protect his reputation while the unarmed black teen who got shot had his reputation dragged through the mud

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Anastasia Trivia:The musical number "Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)" includes cameos by various historical characters from the time including Maurice Chevalier, Sigmund Freud, Charles A. Lindbergh, Josephine Baker, Claude Monet, Isadora Duncan, Auguste Rodin, and Gertrude Stein.

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Anonymous said: Wait, how are the Book Thief and TFIOS antisematic?


It’s not so much  ”these books are dehumanizing racist pieces of shit” so much that they have problemmatic elements that contribute to the constant erasure of Jews in our own stories and reduce us to little more than tropes.

In TFIOS, John Green talked about how Anne Frank died “from illness” as opposed to, you know, from Nazis, and that’s why he had his two white charachters make out in the Anne Frank house, even though Anne Frank was awfully ambivalent about the one liason she had there. It’s a gross dick move, disrespectful to both Anne Frank and to the brutality of the Shoah at large on both the narrative and meta level. Calling that out is par for the course.

In regards to the Book Thief, it’s a story about how the average German “wasn’t that bad” and focuses more on the German civilian than on the actual Jew. The reality is much worse. There were work camps in nearly every major German city in WWII, and German civilians were by and large overwhelmingly happy to turn in their Jewish neighbors. The history of the Shoah is UGLY in more ways than one. The entire premise of the book is a soft-touched revisionist history that seeks to rehabilitate wartime era Germans off the backs of the genocided Jews. It’s much more subtle, but that doesn’t make it not gross.

No one saying these books are the new Mein Kampf, or that you’re not allowed to enjoy them, or even that you have to agree. What some Jews ARE saying is that these books are problemmatic.

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It’s finally happening.
Donald Glover is Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

this is, like, stupid important to me

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On Wednesday, Sept. 10th, Mozilla, Etsy, Wordpress, Imgur, and many more will join the Internet Slowdown protest by displaying a “spinning wheel of death” on their sites to show what a web without net neutrality might look like. Source


On Wednesday, Sept. 10th, Mozilla, Etsy, Wordpress, Imgur, and many more will join the Internet Slowdown protest by displaying a “spinning wheel of death” on their sites to show what a web without net neutrality might look like. Source

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