predoviciu replied to your post“Okay but who the fuck jeopardizes their own defense trial? DUMBASSES…”
i am only vaguely aware of ace attorney but these posts are killing me. who is edgey-boy? idk but the name makes me think of a puffed up parrot in lace and this pleases me.
I feel like a puffed up parrot in lace is 100% an accurate description of Edgeworth, yes. 

Okay but who the fuck jeopardizes their own defense trial? DUMBASSES in white frills, that’s who!



Imagine manfred von karma slipping on a banana peel and plotting his revenge on all bananas

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I am a feminist because when I tell people I am an actress, they ask if I’ve slept with directors, because it is so inconceivable to them that as a woman I should receive a part based on my talent and not how good I am in bed.

I am a feminist because the boys that I live with think it is okay to tell me to wear a thong because my panty line makes them uncomfortable.
The day I dress for a man is the day I’m dressed for Heaven.

I am a feminist because when I wore a backless dress on New Year’s Eve, a man told me that it meant that I was “asking for it”, and the way he said it I knew he accepted it as a fact. I gave him the middle finger and glared at any man who leered at me that night.

I am a feminist because since the age of 12 I have been told that a boy’s education is more important than my own, through the classes missed because my shoulders are showing and my shorts length is distracting the boys.

I am a feminist because when I walk across campus, passing a group of boys 12 feet from my residence fills me with such terror that my feet speed up and tears burn at the corners of my eyes.

I am a feminist because the first thing I do when I see a man on the street is think of all possible escape routes and take an inventory of what I can use as a weapon.

I am a feminist because seeing a man stare at me through the bus window fills me with dread, not only from a fear of being attacked but because I know I will be told it was my fault for taking the bus alone.

I am a feminist because statistics say 1 in 5 woman are victims of sexual assault, and that means that at least one of my baby cousins, at least one of my best friends, will be or has been assaulted and that thought makes me physically ill.

I am a feminist because people still think it’s okay to ignore the problem, because the first response when I bring up the issue is “not all men”. No, not all men, but enough men that I can’t walk home alone. Every man I see is innocent or a potential rapist, and there is no in between.

I am a feminist because girls are still taught that if they don’t take protective measures, the rape is their fault, and boys are never taught that just because she is a woman, does not mean she is theirs to touch.

I am a feminist because feminism is about fighting for gender equality, for making the streets a safer place to be alone, for making the issue one that is discussed openly without anger.

I am a feminist, and if you have a problem with that, you can go home alone tonight.

For The Boys Who Won’t Date Feminists, M.M.A. (via rookiekid)

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I’m scared to walk outside just because of that. I’m scared if I reject a guy, he’s gonna shoot me now?

relative of Mary Unique Spears

This relative hid her face on camera because she is afraid for her own life. Mary Unique Spears, her 27 year old relative, engaged and mother of 3, was murdered outside of a club because she did not want to speak to a 38 year old man—that she nor her family knew—who was harassing her inside of the club, for hours. I legitimately—not tangentially or theoretically—understand her fear.

She was with her family. She was with her fiancé. None of this mattered. There was no “community” moment where this man reconsidered just because she was “taken” (which patriarchal men at times view as a reason to back down, if they view a woman as someone else’s “property” already) or with her family, or because she said no and mentioned being in a relationship. None of this mattered when he injured several other people—including some of her family members—and murdered her. Oh and they were leaving a funeral that day. They already buried a different family member and wanted to celebrate that person’s life at the club.

Mary Unique Spears is a Black woman dead because of street harassment. I did not see the man’s background stated, just that it was in Detroit which is the most heavily populated city in terms of Black population and familial report on what he said to her was in AAVE. And being the way race/class impacts access to many Black women in residential space, I believe he was a Black man. Though Black men are not the only ones who street harass Black women, Black women experience violence from Black men more than from anyone else, period. A lot (not all) of gender violence is intraracial for many races.

Black women are expected—even demanded—to be silent about street harassment if from Black men and on intraracial gendered violence in general, often told to focus on “White supremacy” as State violence on Black women. Then when we do the latter, that is silenced as well, told it “distracts” from what Black men, primarily cishet ones, experience with State violence. I put White supremacy in quotes here not because it’s fake—it is most certainly real—but because some Black men are disingenuous when they regularly suggest that Black women “only” critique Black men and “never” critique White supremacy (which is ridiculously false) and they won’t examine how anti-Blackness and White supremacy in fact impact patriarchal masculinity that many Black men think is the only valid expression of masculinity.

I think about her story and think about how easily this could have been me. How many times I’ve been threatened with rape and murder during street harassment that I have experienced for 23 of my 35 years alive, in all types of spaces, including clubs. How one man tried to run me over in a club parking lot because I told him I did not want to dance with him many hours earlier. How another man had to be held back and tasered by multiple security guards at a club to keep him from assaulting a friend and I at one of my past birthday celebrations in my 20s. 

I…think about if this is going to be me someday soon, murdered by a stranger who felt entitled to my body and time.

R.I.P. Mary Unique Spears (Family fundraiser; on GoFundMe unfortunately, but they need the help.)

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Ada was born in 1815, the only legitimate child of poet/loveable whack-job Lord Byron (you know, the guy who hung out with Shelley and Keats? And wrote Don Juan and Childe Harold? And then went a bit nuts and tried to take over Greece? Yeah, that guy). Ada never met her father, since he was off being kind of nuts, and her mother was like “Ada, you are ONLY learning MATH and SCIENCE lest you become like your CRAZY FATHER by indulging in EVIL POETRY.”

But you just couldn’t hold Ada down because she did what she wanted to, you know? Ill a bunch as a child (and not like, “the illest” or whatever; like, ACTUALLY sick), Ada spent a lot of time reading (shout-out to frail, shy kids that read a lot of books) and developing her interest in the sciences. But fascinated by stories of her father, Ada wasn’t all about numbers – at 12, she decided that she wanted to fly, and used her wild imagination and scientific know-how to design a pair of mechanical wings, so basically she INVENTED Steampunk. By 18, she was having an affair with her tutor (YEAH SHE DID), but Ada’s mother covered it all up by sending her to court and marrying her off to a Baron, with whom she would have three kids but WHATEVER.

But do you think Ada let the married life slow her down HELL NAW SHE DIDN’T. She loved gambling and parties, and her chillness with dudes meant she was often followed by scandalous gossip (some things never change, amiright?). Obsessed with fairies and the “unseen worlds around us,” Ada would come to describe herself as an “Analyst (& Metaphysician),” studying “poetical science,” and publishing papers about how the brain creates thoughts and how music relates to math. Holy DAMN try to tell me that’s not kick-ass because I WON’T BELIEVE YOU.

- It’s Ada Lovelace Day, So Here’s A Brief History Of Her EXTREME RADNESS | The Mary Sue

Click through to read my whole awesome history of the incredible Ada Lovelace!!

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Reblog if it’s okay to invade your ask box.

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I’ll let you know when I give a fuck about your respect.
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What is this fuckery, Edgeworth and Nick are teaming up now mid-trial what’s happening is this real life


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Just think what would have happened if Phoenix had shown up early like a good boy should have


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I love this game. 

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I lost my DS and I’m so mad because I was in the middle of playing the first ace attorney, and it was so funny at parts.
I don’t have a DS either, but I do have an older iPhone and I decided to take up quite a bit of my remaining storage with the first series. I’ll have to address that eventually when I finish and want to move on to the other games…